Is this replacing an existing website? *
Examples: Organic Traffic or Facebook Ad > Blog Post > Lead Magnet > Email Sequence > Scarce Offer > $Sale, etc.
Which of these website platforms will your new site be built on?
(Home,  Shop, About, F.A.Q, Blog, Testimonials, Contact, etc. (Please also include drop down sub menu)
We you just getting your business started or getting your product or service off the ground? Are you well established and looking to enter new markets?  Are you wanting to build your email list, sell services online, get people to call you, etc?
What is their job title, role, age, gender, socioeconomic status, and defining characteristic? What are they searching for?
Give us your best shot of a 3-9 word catchy headline that captures the visitors interest and that best describes your uniqueness about your products. (Your USP)Do you have a ‘FREE Offer’?
A FREE offer will entice your visitors onto your email list. (It could be something like FREE SHIPPING or Buy 2 get 1 FREE, or join our VIP Club, etc.)
This is the most important section that sits at the top of your home page and is what people first see when they land on your home page. We call this ‘Above the fold’. We usually have your USP and call to action that leads prospects into the start of your marketing funnel. This is a great position for: your FREE offer, a video, images of your featured products, your guarantees, social proof, etc.
If you only have a few products, disregard.
Visitors want to know that your product or service has helped others just like them. By having some social proof it gives them reason to trust you. Do you have: Written or Video Testimonials, logos of businesses you have helped, accreditation logos, amount of users of your service, etc.
In this section we display a preview your most recent blog posts / video posts or podcast episodes. We do this to show people that you create free content with the goal of helping your prospects, which also positions you as an authority in your niche.
This section is all about you, your story and let people know why they should buy from you. People buy from people they know, like and trust.
We use the footer section as a secondary location to link to the high level pages on your website. This section can also have links to your social media, your contact details, etc. We use this footer on every page of your site.
Most websites have around 6-8 custom page design templates. The rest of the pages on the site will suit those page designs. Please attach content for each internal page that you would like to be custom designed. These are common pages: HOME | ABOUT | SHOP (category and product info.) | BLOG | PRAISE | F.A.Q | CONTACT | THANK YOU
When somebody opts in for your free off or purchases a product, they should be taken to a custom’Thank You’ page. This page is one of the most important pages on your website. On this page we recommend having a ‘Thank You’ video or note saying thanks, but then have another offer exclusive to the people that took action. It could be a limited time offer or a coupon code for their next purchase etc.
Do you have any extra information that you would like to communicate with the design team?