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AdWords Campaign Audit Request Form

Our audit process is designed to identify wasted ad spend in the following areas: display network, overnight advertising, mobile devices and search partners.

Additionally, a brief analysis of other technical issues (when applicable) such as conversion / lead tracking, campaign settings, impression share, ad copy testing, keyword selection, search query analysis and ad extension review.

Not all audits will include a waste analysis. If no waste is found, the audit will only contain applicable technical issues.

In order to perform an audit, we must have access to the account through our AdWords Manager Account (MCC) or you must provide us with a read only login to the account.

You will receive a request from our AdWords account to connect to your account to run the audit.

Your request will be reviewed in 1 business days.

AdWords Audits are typically delivered within 3 business days.


Please provide a list of cities, states, or countries you would like to target.
Please provide your 10 digit Adwords account ID for the audit process
In house marketing staff or external company?