Build a Candidate Pipeline for Job Openings

Connect w/ Hiring Managers Systematically

If We Could Double Or Even Triple The Number Of Hiring Decision Makers You Talk To Each Month, Would You Be Interested? 


Do you work with some of the best candidates but you can’t always find positions for them?

Are you sick of wasting your time searching for hiring managers who need to fill openings right now?

Would you prefer to have hiring decision makers reaching out to you instead of constantly “hunting” them down?

We already know that you are extremely knowledgable in terms of working with the right candidates and you are an expert when it comes to guiding them through the interviewing and even on-boarding processes. We also know that it can be extremely frustrating to have to be constantly searching for hiring managers who can provide fantastic job opportunities for your top level talent. 

Add Qualified Client Inquiries to Your Business Every Month with Our Proven Digital Marketing Strategies

Rod Christiansen

Owner of Resilient Consulting

We can help you increase the number of hiring managers coming to you, and decrease your stress levels in the process. Our goal is to produce a constant flow of qualified inbound leads to your company, increase revenue, and grow your business. 

We really are only interested in doing whatever it takes to get you results, so we focus on this alone. We can track every inbound lead and we can calculate your ROI so we know without a doubt that our work is adding real value to you and your company. 

We have to be selective in which clients we take on, since we need to make sure our marketing expertise is a good match for your current recruiting needs. By the same token, we also have to ensure that you are genuine in your desire for growth in order that we can provide the highest impact possible.

I value listening and don’t want to only talk about myself. I invite you reach out to me to determine if or how we might be able to arrange a mutually beneficial relationship.

Book a FREE, no obligation, strategy session with me below right now.

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We implement an array of digital marketing strategies that will get you results immediately and help you grow your business. We are the industry leaders when it comes to attracting the top hiring managers who need your help and getting them in touch with you.


The smartest minds in business leverage other people to accomplish their goals. If you did not have to worry about your pipeline of new clients, how much of an advantage would you have have over every other recruiter in the industry?

We bring the hiring managers from the best companies to you and help you to get the highest return on investment you've ever received. Contact us today to see how we can start getting results for you now and make your life easier in the process. 

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We bring in the business so you can focus on the parts of the job where you crush it. How much more time would you have to do just that if someone else was bringing business to you on a consistent basis?

We pride ourselves on focusing on results first. At the end of the day, none of the other stuff matters unless we are creating new business for you. That’s what we do best and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.